Vegetation Mats Substrates

Substrates for Vegetation Mats

Vegetation mats are practical and mostly weed-free and serve as a vegetation support layer, e.g., for a green roof. They are already planted and can be easily laid on the top of the base layer like a rolled lawn. Vegetation mats are inexpensive, only a few centimetres thick and particularly easy to maintain. They are already completely covered with vegetation. The pre-cultivated vegetation mats can then be rolled out and are the ideal solution, e.g., for a green roof, even if the statics limit the roof's height. Therefore, vegetation elements are suitable as a breeding ground and root space for green roofs, especially for extensive greening. Also, vegetation mats are increasingly used in earth-bound cultivation, i.e., everywhere where greenery is planted quickly and cheaply.

substrate for vegetations mats
substrate for vegetations mats

Vegetation mats enable competent and environmentally friendly greening. They offer adequate protection in all weather conditions, even in extreme sunlight and hard frosts with snow and ice. Besides, the sound insulation, thermal insulation, and microclimate are improved. 

substrate for vegetations mats
substrate for vegetations mats

Our ready-to-use substrates offer, by using the best volcanic raw materials, all the properties needed to cultivate a vegetation mat. The vegetation mat substrate is a ready-to-use substrate consisting of pumice, lava, sand, organic and carbonated lime.


The substrate is relatively light due to the light, porous components. Therefore the statics of the building are only minimally additionally stressed. Regular soil is often too heavy for standard roofs, with the ground to be kept moist. Due to its granular structure, our substrate can also temporarily store moisture. So you do not have to do without a natural green roof, and the roof is also straightforward to maintain. 

Field of Application

  • Substrate for the cultivation of vegetation mats

Product Description

  • components: Pumice lava, sand, organic matter, and carbonated lime
  • structure-stable mineral / organic substrate
  • pressure-resistant, segregation-proof
  • optimum tread resistance
  • good structural stability
  • little subsidence
  • provides for hard-wearing green areas
  • good root development
  • good water permeability
  • good water storage capacity
  • better air supply 
  • prevents waterlogging
  • supplies the roots with sufficient nutrients and water
  • buffers the nutrients and promotes growth
  • pH-stable, low salt, long-term stable
  • weed-free
  • can be processed even in wet conditions and light frost

iNTERBiMS GmbH stands for careful sorting and preparation and the production and supply of high-quality products. The quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 according to the certificate of TÜV SÜD.


Grain size 0-5 mm

Loose bulk density DIN EN 1097-3

approx. 1.050-1.150 kg/m³

Delivery Form

 ✓   Truck 

 ✓   Big Bag at 1.00 m³ / 1.50 m³

 ✓   Bag of 25 litres