Tree Substrate "interground-Baum 0-16"

The tree substrate interground-Baum 0-16 is a ready-to-use tree substrate consisting of pumice, lava and soil according to plant pit construction 1 FLL.

Field of Application

  • backfilling of tree pits for new plantings and site restoration
  • use for underplanting in tree pits
  • planting on underground car parks
  • filling of plant pots

interground-Baum 0-16 is optimized for non-surfaced tree pits of city and street trees or in confined spaces that are at risk of compaction.


interground-Baum 0-16, is a single-layer segregation-proof tree substrate, which is composed of structurally stable natural components. Due to our volcanic substrates and their open-pored structure, the air and water balance is supported, and growth is permanently promoted. The tree substrate can be rooted down to a depth of over 2 m and is permanently stable to vibration with a grain size of 0 /16 mm.


The tree substrate is suitable for filling plant pits which are only slightly loaded according to plant pit construction method 1 of the FLL. (Recommendations for tree planting; Part 2: Site preparation for new planting; plant pits and root space expansion, construction methods and substrates).


Our tree substrates are natural products and can be returned to the ecological cycle.

Product Description

  • components: pumice, lava and soil
  • structurally stable mineral tree substrate
  • pressure-resistant, segregation-proof
  • optimum tread resistance
  • good structural stability
  • little subsidence
  • good root development
  • good water permeability
  • good water storage capacity
  • better air supply 
  • prevents waterlogging
  • supplies the roots with sufficient nutrients and water
  • buffers the nutrients and promotes growth
  • pH-stable, low salt, long-term stable
  • weed-free
  • can be processed even in wet conditions and light frost
  • no limitation of the installation thickness
  • Manufacture following the FLL Directive

iNTERBiMS GmbH stands for careful sorting and processing as well as for the production and supply of high-quality products with a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 according to the certificate of TÜV SÜD.

Project Example

Tree Substrate


Grain size 0-16 mm

Loose bulk density DIN EN 1097-3

approx. 1.050-1.200 kg/m³

Paving compaction

approx. 25-35 %

Weight when saturated

approx. 1.700-1.900 kg/m³

Max. water capacity

approx. 25-35 Vol.-%

PH value (CaCI2)

approx. 6,5-7,5

Salt content

approx. 0,1-0,5 g/l

Delivery Form

 ✓   Truck 

 ✓   Big Bag at 1.00 m³ / 1.50 m³