Logistics & Services

Transportation and Delivery

Our raw materials lava and pumice are processed into substrates in the vicinity of the extraction site in the so-called Neuwieder Becken (near Koblenz).

The bulk materials can be collected directly from the Kruft plant or delivered by truck, train or ship. Due to the proximity of iNTERBiMS to the motorway and the Rhine, the optimal logistic transport routes can be used and shipped ecologically optimal via waterways throughout Europe. Various materials can also be picked up in small quantities at the Koblenz Rhine port.

Silo Trucks

Through Gebr. Müller from Kempenich we can fall back on ten modern silo vehicles. All of which are equipped with a compressor. By an in-house developed air conduction system, best unloading results (up to 150 m distance) are achieved. Deliveries are possible with 80 or 100 mm hoses. The tanks have a volume of 38-66 m³. Furthermore, a multi-chamber silo makes it possible to deliver two different materials at the same time.

Tipper trucks

We are also optimally equipped for all requirements in the field of tipper trucks, among other things through the fleet of the company GEBR ZIEGLOWSKI, and we can draw on the full potential of the company. We supply our products with "smaller" vehicles (2-, 3-, 4-axle), and semi-trailers. Just contact us.
Of course, there is also the possibility to pick up all our products in our factory. 

Big Bag / sacked goods

We also fill our products into smaller units. Big Bags are available in 0.5 / 1.0 and 1.5 m³ sizes. Sacked goods are available from us on pallets in 25-litre and 40-litre bags (other bag sizes on request).

Inland Waterway Vessels

We can also deliver our products to you in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner by inland waterway.

Individual Substrates

In addition to the extensive product range of iNTERBiMS GmbH, individually composed substrates can also be produced. The factory's laboratory works out the optimal solution for the respective application in coordination with the customer.

Project Example


The company's laboratory guarantees constant quality control of the bulk materials. Product innovations, production additions and the implementation of customer requirements are also part of the service.