Filling substrateS, sub-SubstrateS

Filling substrates for the filling of construction pits and as sub-substrates

Our substrates / sub-substrates are purely mineral and are available both loose and blowable.

Filling substrate
Filling substrate

Field of application

The lava-pumice substrate serves as an ideal base for filling excavation pits and draining sub-substrate for multi-layer intensive greening.


 The filling of an excavation pit is necessary, e.g., after completion of the cellar. The filling area is the space around the basement. This area should not merely be filled with the surrounding or previous soil. Instead, this area should be carefully filled and compacted.

An essential aspect of selecting the filling material is the water pressure that will affect the building in the future. When backfilling, one must also be careful not to damage the outer wall.

INTERBIMS offers various solutions for backfilling excavations. The subsoil can be provided in a standard truck or with a silo truck. By using a silo truck, time and heavy equipment can be saved by blowing them in. In this way, even the most remote corners can be reached without substantial muscle power. The blowing automatically compresses the material in the process, and you have also saved the work step.


The further application is creating blowable base layers, i.e., as a sub-substrate for multi-layer structures. Here, even large construction sites are filled with a suitable filling substrate transported by a silo truck. In this way, even the remotest corners can be easily reached without the need for construction equipment (such as wheel loaders or excavators) with a minimum of personnel. The filling substrate improves bushes and trees' stability as a sub-substrate since the vegetation can easily access it as an extended root space. Due to the substrate components pumice and lava, and the resulting shallow content of organic matter, excellent structural stability and water conductivity are achieved. It promotes rooting and root respiration in deeper layers. It also counteracts undesirable rotting processes.

 iNTERBiMS GmbH offers the following filling substrates for selection:

Our substrates / sub-substrates are purely mineral and are available both loose and blowable. 

Project Example

Filling of installation space with substrate.

Student residence Bonn (before/after):

Here we delivered approx. 1.300 tons of lava 8-16 (= 50 silo trucks) as a blowable base layer / sub-substrate for the substructure. Afterwards, we have blown lawn substrate and also basalt 2-5 for the paving bed (again approx. 12-15 silo trucks).

Delivery Forms

 ✓   Truck 

 ✓   Big Bag at 1.00 m³ / 1.50 m³

 ✓   Bag of 25 litres / 40 litres

 ✓   Silo truck