Filter Basin Substrates "interclean 0-5 / plus"

Our interclean 0-5 is a ready-to-use filter basin substrate and acts as a retention soil filter consisting of pumice lava, basalt, and carbonated lime for the purification of, e.g., road wastewater. interclean 0-5 is without chemicals, as well as purely natural. 

filter basin substrate

When rainwater seeps away from sealed traffic and industrial areas, the pollutants contained (e.g., tire wear, oil, etc.) are removed by our interclean 0-5. The filter substrate is suitable for the retention of soil filters.

filter basin substrate
filter basin substrate

Rainwater absorbs various substances when it drains off via the respective surfaces. It is often no longer possible to speak of pure and unpolluted rainwater. For example, the abrasion of car tires in Germany results in many tonnes of microplastics on the roads every year. When it rains, the particles also flow into the sewerage system. Therefore, the correct treatment of rainwater is becoming more and more critical because of the various environmental influences and precipitation patterns that have now become apparent. This polluted water requires specific treatment before it is discharged into the ground or a body of water. In addition to sedimentation basins, filter basins are also necessary, especially when heavy contamination can enter water bodies. Particularly critical here are the high quantities of water discharged quickly and the substances released over long periods. The infiltration through a filter layer is a useful measure for reducing particulate, dissolved, and excellent particulate materials.


A drainage system collects the water purified by the retention soil filter. It can contribute to groundwater recharge by infiltration. Also, a retention soil filter dampens discharge peaks through intermediate storage and throttled drainage and helps to the hydraulic relief of the sewer system.

Field of Application

  • filtering of water

Product Description

  • components: pumice lava, basalt, and carbonated lime
  • structurally stable mineral / organic substrate
  • pressure-resistant, segregation-proof
  • optimum tread resistance
  • good structural stability
  • little subsidence
  • provides for hard-wearing green areas
  • good root development
  • good water permeability
  • good water storage capacity
  • better air supply 
  • prevents waterlogging
  • supplies the roots with sufficient nutrients and water
  • buffers the nutrients and promotes growth
  • pH-stable, low salt, long-term stable
  • weed-free
  • can be processed even in wet conditions and light frost

iNTERBiMS GmbH stands for careful sorting and preparation as well as for the production and supply of high-quality products. The quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 according to the certificate of TÜV SÜD.


Grain size 0-5 mm

Loose bulk density DIN EN 1097-3

approx. 1.100-1.200 kg/m³

Paving compaction

approx. 15 %

Delivery Form

 ✓   Truck 

 ✓   Big Bag at 1.00 m³ / 1.50 m³

 ✓   Bag of 25 litres